Episode 39 - Clownefaction

Episode 39 finds our intrepid investigators rifling through a veritable midnight garage sale of paranormal topics. Where did this garage sale come from? Does anyone recognize this neighborhood? Why, when asked what we owe, do these people simply chuckle softly. Talking points this week include giant, face-seeking insects, Siberia’s newest tourist attraction (spoiler, it’s a hole), and more social-media from the great beyond. We also discuss two, butt-chilling first hand accounts of high-weirdness, and rate Roger’s probability of surviving his recent purchase of an obviously cursed artifact.


World’s Largest Dobsonfly Discovered in China

Grandmother Takes Selfie From Beyond the Grave

Mysterious Hole Appears in Siberia

Leprechaun Sighting in the Desert Southwest

Haunted Clown Paintings

Episode 38 - Thin Lizard Contest

The crew of the radar is back from attending the month long paranormal retreat, Monstroco Presents ‘Screams Across America’. They attended seminar’s, met some interesting monsters and even visited the Skinwalker Ranch where they fed the Skinwalkers. However, far and away their favorite mystery encounter while out in the vasty darkness was running accross everyone’s favorite earthbound philosopher totem, Mr. Sam Tallent! The crew is reunited in this first episode of what we are calling season two. More tentacles! Ghostlier ghosts! Sexier vampires! Listen!

Talking points this week include witch/turtle relations, telecommunications from beyond the grave, and introducing a reading from Merriam Webster’s Shriektionary.


Guy receiving Facebook messages from his dead girlfriend

Ugandan man shoots ‘aggressive’ tortoise

List of phone calls from beyond the grave

Wikipedia entry on Jenny Greenteeth

Episode 37 - Brain Dragon!

AND WE’RE BACK! sort of. After a recent break to tour the demon-haunted cockles of this great nation, the crew of the radar is ready to jump back into the fray with vital new tips for surviving the ever-shifting canopy of evil dangling just above your head. But before we get to that, we have a very special surprise for you. A LOST EPISODE! That’s right, we recorded this episode in May with our dear friend and local trickster spirit Arthur Lundquist, lost it, found it and it turned out fantastic! Talking points from that forgotten week include the regenerative properties of mouse blood, the erotic poetry of Aleister Crowley, and the terrifying and elusive concept of the Brain Dragon. Grab your loved ones, seal the entrances and listen around a candle.


Episode 36 - Werewolf Radar Lives! Doce de Mayo, Espectacular, Ahora Con Mas El Tecolote

In this, post Cinco De Mayo spectacular, the crew of the radar have to distinct honor of sitting down with local folk hero, lucha libre legend and adversary of evil, El Tecolote! The gang discuss the mysteries of the spicy south as well as the clandestine truth behind Mexico’s greatest mystery, the luchador himself. All of this takes place to the eerie accompanyment of Mr. Geoff Cleveland’s theremin, Uma Theremin. Limber up, get pumped, and tune in.

Episode 35 - John Wilkes Booth: Abraham Lincoln Hunter

Listen up button stuffers! Our little fanged buddy, the Librus Monstrum Leviculous has escaped from it’s enclosure. Roger Nate and Jordan deal with the anxiety by discussing unicorn sightings, the funerary party of the world’s coolest lad, yet another haunted mansion for sale and a satanic statue being erected in the heartland of the bible belt. Other talking points include the Flatwoods Monster and erotic encounters of the paranormal type. It’s a big, weird extravaganza! We hope you have ave as much fun with this episode as we did.


Natasha Blasick Shares Erotic Ghost Encounters

Unicorn Spotted!

Satanic Monument Unveiled in Oklahoma

World’s Most Awesome Lady Attends Own Funeral

Haunted Chicago Mansion Going Cheap

The Flatwoods Monster

Episode 34 - Werewolf Radar Lives! At Festibowl 2014

This special Easter episode was recorded live before a gnashing throng of doobed-out hop heads at El Charrito during Festibowl 2014. There was weirdness, thre was comedy there was a popcorn machine that never stood a chance. Special guest this week include comedians Alex Creasy, Steve Vanderploeg and everyone’s favorite, Byron Graham!


Loch Ness Monster (not) Spotted on Apple Maps

Mysterious Green Flame Spotted on Mars

Episode 33 - Werewolf Radar Lives! Exploring the Baby Bjorniverse

Recorded live at El Charrito in downtown Denver, Jordan, Roger and Nate are joined by hilarious Denver comedienne, performer and all round cosmic cowboy, Kristin Rand, for a psychedelic journey through the center of the human imagination. This episode was so chock-full of secret truths and cockamamy presuppositions that we needed to record it twice. Luckily, the second recording was audible to human ears and we were able to bottle it for distribution on the internet. Special talking points this week include the mysterious ways of the naked cowboy, the ongoing battle between the fairy world and the automobile industry, and a couple of choice spooky stories from our guest.


Naked Cowboy Rides Again!

Where Have All the Fairies Gone!

Episode 32- The Deathbed of the Final Panda

This week, Jordan and Roger are joined by Denver comedian/filmaker/wrestling kingpin, Nick Gossert to discuss his many brushes with the unknown both here at home and south of the border. Nick has a long history of seeking out terrifying places, poking the paranormal bear, and excercising a general lack of self preservation when it comes to potentially being dragged into the shadows by some shrieking fiend. What does this all mean for you? Fun! Talking points this week include, Mexican graveyards, a strange conversation in cheeseman park, and some advice for the victim of a bone-chilling haunting that was recently posted to Reddit.


Pictures of Leadville Cemetery. Courtesy of Nick Gossert

Episode 31 - Werewolf Radar Live! Russia’s Greatest Love Machine

The crew of the radar once again convene at El Charrito in down town Denver, CO, to discuss high strangeness with a very special guest from the worled of the paranormal. This Month, Roger and Jordan are joined by non other than potential immortal and occult figurehead, Grigori Rasputin. The three discuss interdimensional rock and roll, replica sword fights and the legendary Baba Yaga. Sit down with a nice glass of dick jar water and enjoy!


Grigori Rasputin “The Mad Monk”

The Bell-End Jar

For Hyrule!

The Beatles Never Broke Up

The Baba Yaga

Ra Ra Rasputin! Music Video

Episode 30 - Rise of the Reptilians

In this episode Nate makes sound effects! Roger says things he can never take back about ghosts and mole people and Jordan does terrible New Zealand, Barrack Obama and Welsh impressions. Special Talking points this week include the reptilian overlords, haunted property values, and the sensitive nature of national monster rights.


NZ Prime Minister “Not” an Alien

Justin Bieber is a Reptile

Haunted Welsh House for Sale

Champ the Lake Monster